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Wonderlust, Steel Roses fans!!!

Wonderlust fans! I've just hit 40K words in Wonderment, Book 2!!!! The way this book is burning my keyboard the first draft could be finished within 2 weeks. Alex and Nat are definitely talking to me again and I couldn't be happier. Here is a sneaky teaser  Watch this space! Cover reveal might be happening soon!!! Who's excited? Let me know!

I'm back!

Hello lovely readers and friends,  I'm back!  After much soul searching and getting my life back on track I’m now ready to start writing again! I have many projects in my head, but I promise you that my priority is Wonderment. Alex and Nat’s next chapter will be coming this year.  I will be setting up a mailing list for you to get exclusive news and information on Wonderment and other projects.These newsletters will include giveaways, and a snippet into my crazy life.  Email me at if you want to be added straight away. Other exciting news is that I’ve re-branded! I’m sure you all love my new theme for my author name. It suits my personality completely. Who doesn't love spots and bees?  I look forward to you all continuing this wild ride with me. It feels so good to be back! Much Love  B.L.Wilde