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Malfunction Erotica is Now Open for Submissions!

Malfunction Erotica is Now Open for Submissions! What is Malfunction Erotica? Malfunction Erotica is one of the largest marketing platforms for self-published authors today. As part of the MaE team, you retain all rights to your manuscript. We are not a publishing house. Every author at MaE is a self-publishing author. You keep 100% of your profits. As a marketing platform, we offer any authors that are part of our team full support when it comes to marketing and growing their brand. Below is a list of all the benefits authors working with us receive: 50% discount on all tour packages (cover reveals, release day blitz, promo, tours, etc.) through MaE Book Tours and Promo Stars Services . Cover Designs starting at $25.00 (prices based on the author's vision of their cover and difficulty of putting it together.) To view our cover portfolio click here . Discounted Editing services through MaE, Write Divas , and Promo Stars Services . *As a self-publish a

Cover Reveal – The Perfect Spirit by Traci Hayden

Synopsis 28 year   old   writer, Vanessa  Fortney   has   travelled  the   world, living   life  to   the fullest. When   she   comes   home  due   to   the  unexpected   death   of  her   only blood  relatives, she   only   has  one   regret; never   finding  love   that   triumphs  all others.   In  a   beautiful   valley  in   the   Rocky  Mountains, Nessa   finds   her  wondering   about a  mysterious   stranger   who  saved   her   after  a   nearly   disastrous  car   accident. The mystery  that   surrounds   Daniel  is   quickly   replaced  by   the   increasing  addiction Nessa   feels  for   him.   Will  she   find   that  love   that   transcends  all   or  will   tragedy   keep  them   apart? Excerpt   Nessa’s  body   melted   as  his   deep   and  lusty   French   accent  washed   over her, penetrating   her   deepest  fantasies. “My   name   is…”   “ Vanessa. I  know.” He  answered. He  stepped  forward, pulling  a  gloved  hand  out  from