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Colourblind release day blitz!

Release Day Blitz! Cover designer: JC Clarke/Graphic Shed Genre: Romance (Not erotic) Summary Summer Harris is beyond lost. An abusive relationship causes her to drop out of college and lose her purpose. That is, until the mysterious art lecturer, Max Masters, walks into her life. The two connect in a way neither can understand. Summer is astounded to learn that Max’s lecture choice is her favorite mood artist, Madame Mirabell. Max has his own secrets and demons to fight, but with Summer in his life, he feels he may, one day, be able to win. A broken mirror. Seven years of love, betrayal, lies, and heartbreak. Can two beautifully broken souls heal each other before losing themselves completely? Goodreads link: Buy links:   US links: UK links: Excerpt: I pulled up outside Rose Cottage, noticing Max’s face in the window. “Hey,