Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Reflection from the mind of Bee

Reflection from the mind of Bee *Enter at your own risk*  

When I’m on holiday, I always seen to take time to reflect on life in general because I’m pretty deep like that (Don’t laugh, a smut writer can be deep. You should read the stories on my ‘other’ pen name) 

As you all know, writing is a HUGE part of my life, but I never dreamed it would open so many doors for me. The biggest is the gift of friendship, old and new. Every day, I seem to be making new friends and I feel blessed to be involved in such an amazing industry.

I don’t have lifetime goals like some authors do. I’m not bothered if I make it onto best selling lists, or get my books on bookshelves in large stores. Yes, it would be nice, but I’m an introvert, I don’t really want all that. It would freak me out. (My close friends know this about me.) I just want to write, plain and simple, and if people take the time to read and support me, well, I’d be grateful and honored that my stories touched them in a way that they wanted to write a review, share a post, or drop me a personal message.

It’s not easy being an Indie Author, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I’m not in competition with anyone. We all have our own voice. No two writers are the same. Maybe if some authors spent less time being in competition with each other and just supported each other the world would be a happier place. (Not getting at anyone here, it's just things I have witnessed over the years) Who knows, but I know my way works. I have so many author and blogger friends, not only do they support me, but I gain advice and guidance. It’s a win win situation.

I guess what I'm trying to say is… I’m just me, Bee, writing my stories, sharing them with my friends and readers.