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Colourblind release day blitz!

Release Day Blitz!

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Cover designer: JC Clarke/Graphic Shed
Genre: Romance (Not erotic)


Summer Harris is beyond lost. An abusive relationship causes her to drop out of college and lose her purpose. That is, until the mysterious art lecturer, Max Masters, walks into her life. The two connect in a way neither can understand.

Summer is astounded to learn that Max’s lecture choice is her favorite mood artist, Madame Mirabell. Max has his own secrets and demons to fight, but with Summer in his life, he feels he may, one day, be able to win.

A broken mirror. Seven years of love, betrayal, lies, and heartbreak. Can two beautifully broken souls heal each other before losing themselves completely?

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I pulled up outside Rose Cottage, noticing Max’s face in the window.
“Hey,” I called as he opened the door. He seemed a little taken aback standing there watching me. Was he going to let me in or not? “Is everything okay?” I asked, worried that I might have come at a bad time.
“You look different with your hair down,” he muttered, snapping out of his thoughts to open the door wider for me.
“Oh, yeah. I…I…always wear my hair up when I’m working,” I stuttered, realising he must have been annoyed that I’d worn my hair down today. Maybe he wanted to draw me with my hair up. I knew some artists visualised their work before even beginning to draw it. That was how I always used to do it anyway.
“I’m sorry. Did you want me to put it up?”
“No.” Max frowned, shaking his head at me. “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable in the living room? I was just about to make myself some coffee. Would you like a cup?”
“Yes, please. Black with one sugar,” I replied before wandering into the living room. I tried to shove my slight nervousness down to the bottom of my stomach. Could I really do this?
Max had already set out all of his art materials. I realized we had another thing in common as I took in the charcoal pencils and large, white canvas. Some of his art equipment looked old, as if it had been handed down to him. I wasn’t sure why I was so intrigued to find out more about this man, but I wanted to know everything I could.
“Here you go, Summer.” Hearing his voice come from so close behind me made me jump. I’d become absorbed with looking around at his art materials. It had been so long since I’d seen any paraphernalia like this.  
“Thanks,” I whispered, taking the coffee from his hand. I couldn’t help but notice we both took our coffee black, and it made me wonder if he took one sugar, too. “So, where do you want me?” I’d just made myself sound like a hooker.
“The stool, if that’s okay.” Max choked a little on his coffee. I was blushing as I walked over to the stool. Would I ever stop making myself look like an idiot in front of this man?
I perched on the small, dark brown stool, not really sure how to pose. I’d never done anything like this before. Most artists preferred being behind the canvas, and I was no exception. This was a little too exposed compared to what I had been used to. Deep down,  I knew I was only doing it because of Max.
“Just relax, Summer.” He smiled, touching my shoulder softly. “You’re going to be sitting for a while.”
“I have no idea how you want me to pose. I’ve never done this before.”
“Just be natural,” he murmured, moving to sit behind the canvas. I was a little annoyed when he did because it obscured my view of him.
“So, have you come to Dorset just to sketch?” I asked, making conversation while trying to peer around the canvas.
“I’ve come for inspiration, actually,” he answered. It looked as if he was getting all his materials ready.

About the author


B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories and sexy men.

She can often be found at her desk working on her next project, or looking at eye candy online for research purposes.  She is a sucker for happy endings, but will always make her characters work for it.

If you enjoy romance, suspense and erotica, let your imagination run 'Wilde'.

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