Friday, 18 April 2014

What happens when you get a bunch of book addicts together......

What happens when you get a bunch of book addicts together, who love books...write books...promote books...craft book swag...and so much more? We cannot help but do a giveaway. This is our very first outing as a group and we have a bounty of treats in our giveaway basket. To wish you the best holiday ever, we have prizes donated from: Authors: Penelope Anne Bartotto, Aurora Zahni, Andrew Toynbee, Brandy L. Rivers, Cheryl Davis, Regina Morris, E.I. Jennings, Rebekkah Ford, B.L. Wilde, Harper James, L.J. Baker, Vanessa Marie, and Sonya Loveday! With specialty designed swag from Tarnya's Epic Bootie Bling!!!
What can you win? We have 15 individual digital books available: 
A Construct of Angels, Cora's Kismet, Eternal Service, United Service, Enduring Service, Dark Spirits, The Devil's Third, Fight for Her, Heartless, Casted, Spelled, Save Me, Desire, Rising Dawn, Nights Embrace
We have a set of digital books: Ellie Stanton and Terminal Romantic
A $10 Amazon gift card from The Library at the END of the Universe. 
Author Swag from Epic Bootie Bling, The Library and Sonya Loveday.  
Enter Now, Spread the Word. 
Ends 4-25-2014